Talk about the power of Sound Branding (2011)

New Music Xperience presenterar imorgon, ons 6 juli kl 10, Sound Branding-experten John Groves – han lär politiker allt om hur partierna kan profilera sitt parti genom användning av musik och ljud.

”Sound branding has become more and more important within the multi-sensual brand communications. From products and services to organizations and political parties, all should be aware of the advantages of being able to steer perception and insure differentiation and recognition – just with the ears! The seminar will be about Sound branding as a process with a number of predefined steps. A subject as emotional as music needs a solid foundation. We will learn how sound can become a brand equity, the role of brand sound in positioning, why we need a competitive analysis, application or screening rules.”

John Groves is a composer, music producer and consultant on the use of sound and music in advertising and communications. In the early 90s he became one of the pioneers of Sound Branding, by developing a structured system for the creation and implementation of brand and corporate Sound Identities. His company client list contains a number of distinguished brands such as Olympus, Wrigleyʼs, Mentos, Bacardi, Audi, Nivea, BMW, Visa as well as a large number of radio and TV stations.



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